Reuniting Forgotten Dollars With The Rightful Owners

Each year, millions of dollars go unclaimed in British Columbia. These funds reside in dormant credit union accounts, as unpaid wages, over-payments to debt collectors, unclaimed court funds, outstanding estates, insurance accounts and forgotten real estate deposits.

The BC Unclaimed Property Society is the administrator of the Province’s unclaimed property program. We act as a “lost and found” for unclaimed money in BC, actively searching for the rightful owners of dormant accounts. Last year, the not-for-profit Society returned $717,209 to verified claimants looking for their forgotten funds.

The Society also works with companies and organizations to help them get dormant or unclaimed accounts off their books.

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Is Your Company Holding Unclaimed Funds It Wants To Get Off Its Books?

The BC Unclaimed Property Act requires companies and organizations holding dormant accounts to make a reasonable effort to locate and notify the owners of forgotten funds. Failing this, certain holders are required to transfer these unclaimed funds to the BC Unclaimed Property Society after a specified period of time to be reunited with the rightful owners.

To learn more about compliance reporting and remitting unclaimed property to The BC Unclaimed Property Society, click here:


From Dormancy to Distribution

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Unclaimed Property Blog

On January 1, 2022, New Brunswick became the fourth Canadian province to implement an
unclaimed property program to help reconnect consumers with their forgotten funds.
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Searching For and Finding Unclaimed Funds in BC

Learn how we reunite rightful owners with their unclaimed funds.

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