Unclaimed Funds Could Provide Needed Financial Relief for British Columbians Impacted By COVID-19

According to the most recent financial statements released by the BC Unclaimed Property Society (BCUPS) (Annual Report 2019) there is now more than $164 million in forgotten funds from orphaned accounts in the province looking for the rightful owners. This missing money could be a welcome source of financial relief for many BC residents impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. BCUPS, which serves as the administrator of the province’s unclaimed property […]

Dormant Funds from BCUPS Directed to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

Every year, a portion of dormant funds remitted to the BC Unclaimed Property Society from businesses and organizations is transferred to Vancouver Foundation to be used for charitable purposes. Vancouver Foundation recently used funds transferred from BCUPS to help establish the Community Response Fund in partnership with Vancity credit union, United Way Lower Mainland, and the City of Vancouver. The fund will support charities that provide front-line services to people […]

An International Perspective on Using Dormant Assets to Fund Social Programs

One of the distinctive aspects of the BC Unclaimed Property Society (BCUPS) is its philanthropic business model, in which a portion of outstanding unclaimed funds are transferred to charity each year to support various community and social programs. Over the past two decades, a handful of countries have also put dormant funds to work to address social issues, notably the UK, Ireland, and most recently Japan. Japan launched its first […]

Found Money For a Fee? Protect Yourself Against Unclaimed Property Scams

The email may look legitimate and the message is enticing: An individual purportedly representing a government agency or law firm has identified you as the rightful recipient of a tidy sum of money from an outstanding estate or long forgotten funds sitting in a financial institution.  All you have to do is provide them with some personal information, pay an upfront fee, and the money is all yours. Before you […]

More Than $159 Million Sitting in Dormant Accounts in B.C. Looking for a Home

According to annual financial statements from the  B.C. Unclaimed Property Society (BCUPS), there is now more than $159 million in unclaimed money sitting in orphaned accounts in the province looking for a home. Thousands of B.C. residents have forgotten funds languishing in inactive credit union accounts, as well as unpaid wages, overpayments to debt collectors, proceeds from courts, pension funds, estates and real estate deposits. In 2018, BCUPS received $6,115,202 […]

Claimant Profile: Elusive Unclaimed Wages Finds a Home

The amount of unclaimed funds in the BCUPS database has been increasing by about 10 percent a year over the last five years.  Individuals who previously searched the BCUPS online database without any luck may find years later that funds from a long-forgotten account or unpaid wages are now theirs to be claimed. That was the case with a Vancouver donor relations professional who discovered she had unclaimed wages waiting […]