Protect Yourself Against Online Fraud

Online fraud has become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years with numerous “phishing” e-mails currently in circulation alleging consumers have unclaimed property waiting for them and requesting that money be sent to claim the property.

The BC Unclaimed Property Society encourages consumers to be on guard against fraudulent emails that appear to come from legitimate sources. Many people have been tricked into sharing sensitive personal information such as passwords, credit card and bank account numbers.  Some phishing emails and sites have been known to contain viruses and/or malicious malware, so we strongly recommend that you do not select the links provided in a suspicious e-mail, as visiting these sites could place your computer at risk. We also recommend that you use a personal firewall to create a barrier to attacks and keep your anti-virus and malware detection software up to date.

One of the telltale signs of a fraudulent email is that you will eventually be asked for money.  You should be aware that:

  • We do not charge a fee or ask for expenses for its services. We would never send you a letter or email asking for money.
  • We do not send out unsolicited emails with links or attachments. We only include attachments when responding to general inquiries, which will include a pdf letter.
  • There is no deadline for unclaimed property requiring an “immediate response.” Funds held by by the BC Unclaimed Property Society do not expire or have a statute of limitations.

What to do if you receive a questionable email

from someone claiming to represent BCUPS

Report any suspicious email solicitations to our office by emailing

In your email, please specify:

Where the email originated from (email address used)?

When you were contacted?

Please forward us a copy of the email you received.

The BC Unclaimed Property Society will report all fraudulent emails to the proper authorities and take the necessary steps to have the email accounts and URLs shut down.