Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

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Victoria, B.C. radio ad, CFAX 1070, May 14-May 20, 2018
CKNW Radio Ad – November 2016
For individuals searching for forgotten property
For companies holding unclaimed property


Hear Alena Levitz, Executive Director, BC Unclaimed Property Society, discuss the province’s unclaimed property program and how the Society reunites British Columbians with their forgotten funds from dormant accounts. CFAX Radio – June 16, 2020

BCUPS Video – Want to know whether you have unclaimed funds sitting in a dormant account? Let us show you how you how you can search for and claim forgotten funds in British Columbia. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s free and your privacy is always protected. – November 2019

Forgotten dollars reunited with rightful owners through the BC Unclaimed Property Society – Business in Vancouver – Sept. 30, 2019
Interview with Alena Levitz, Executive Director, BCUPS – Radio NL – Aug. 30, 2019
How to track down forgotten funds, protect yourself from scams: BC Unclaimed Property Society – Global News – Aug. 13, 2019
Interview with Alena Levitz, Executive Director, BCUPS – Global News – Aug. 13, 2019
A portion of BC’s $153 million in unclaimed funds could be yours.Daily Hive – January 2019
Tracking Unclaimed Funds is Full-time Work for B.C. Unclaimed Property Society.BC Business – October 2018
More than $140M belonging to B.C. residents sits unclaimed at Property Society.Global News, April 3, 2017
Alena Levitz, Executive Director of BCUPS, discusses unclaimed property on CKNW Radio.CKNW Radio – March 28, 2017
B.C. society reunites unclaimed funds with rightful owners.Business Vancouver, E-Newsletter November 2016
Are you owed some of the $130 million in unclaimed funds sitting in dormant accounts In B.C.?Press release, October 11, 2016
Knack for solving puzzles helps put millions back in the right hands.Business Vancouver, August 2, 2016
Peer to peer: Key managers need to be trusted and challenged.Business Vancouver, August 16, 2016
Unclaimed assets of $5B await Canadians. BC is one of only three provinces that have unclaimed property legislation in place and databases where individuals can search for forgotten money.CBC News, July 9, 2015
What is unclaimed property?LinkedIn, June 19, 2015
Do you have any unclaimed money? Website helps you find outGlobal TV BC, December 3, 2014
Are you owed some of the $100 million in unclaimed funds in B.C. this year? The Province, December 3, 2014
$100 million sits unclaimed in B.C accounts magazine, December 3, 2014
Find out if someone owes you money with new , December 4, 2014
B.C. residents are owed $92.3 million in uncashed government chequesThe Province, August 8, 2014
In Search of Lost LooniesEnterprise, March 2014