To provide an excellent level of service to individuals and organizations in British Columbia who are searching for or holding unclaimed property.

Mission Statement

The BC Unclaimed Property Society reunites individuals with unclaimed money held by the Society while providing a centralized administration for the management of unclaimed property for organizations submitting unclaimed funds.

Primary Beneficiaries

  • Individuals who have a legitimate claim to unclaimed funds held (by) the Society.
  • Companies and organizations in British Columbia who are required to submit unclaimed funds.

Essential Partners

  • Government of British Columbia
  • Vancouver Foundation
  • Holders of unclaimed property

Core Beliefs

  • BCUPS is responsible for ensuring legitimate and diligent efforts are made to locate owners of unclaimed funds.
  • Individuals should be able to easily and legitimately search for unclaimed funds.
  • Companies and organizations can entrust unclaimed funds to BCUPS to be administered in an efficient, responsible, secure way.

Core Values

  • Responsive – we will ensure our work is conducted efficiently, in a timely, helpful and respectful way.
  • Accurate – we commit to providing individuals, organizations and essential partners with relevant and accurate information.
  • Accessible – we will communicate broadly, in a number of ways to ensure that potential claimants and holders of unclaimed property know about the BC Unclaimed Property Society and the services we offer.
  • Secure – we will handle personal information confidentially and will protect the unclaimed property entrusted to us, by investing in a responsible manner.
  • Credible – we will act with integrity and honesty; our decisions will be reasonable, transparent and fair.
  • Efficient – we will be a flexible organization that ensures optimal use of available resources and seeks continuous improvement.